Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine are back at it to honor a fallen wrestling legend. The duo known as Hall N Nash reconvenes to pay respects to the WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji with a song named after the memorable character.

The Buffalo rappers make no secret about their love for professional wrestling with their moniker being taken from 90's stars Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. With that in mind, it's only right that Westside Gunn and Conway show some love to the recently departed Mr. Fuji.

"Mr. Fuji" is a track featuring more of the dope rhymes these two always manage to deliver. The Daringer-produced song sees Westside Gunn dropping copious amounts of wrestling references while Conway comes through with a message to those who doubted him.

"I bet it hurt for niggas to see pop, know what they said at first/Con, look at your face, you're not marketable, it'll never work/Now tees with my face on it the top selling shirt/I got murals in different countries, boy, watch how a legend work," Conway raps.

If you need more of the gritty raps from Griselda Records, make sure to listen to Westside Gunn's latest EP There's God Then There's Flygod, Praise Both. The project dropped back in July as a follow-up to the Griselda compilation EP Don’t Get Scared Now. Check out the tracklist and stream for Gunn's solo EP below.

1. "He Got a Gunn"
2. "Loco" Feat. Conway
3. "Peter Luger"
4. "Jimmy Hart"
5. "Pissy Work" Feat. Benny
6. "Wang Outro"

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