North Carolina's Well$ has been creeping on the come up since his 2012 EP $ay La V and is on the verge of kicking down the doors of mainstream hip-hop. With Metro Boomin on the boards, Well$ and his cousin Alec Lomami give us "Heaven's Door," the MC's most high-profile release to date.

Production-wise, Metro shows his versatility and strays from the bass heavy, hectic joints we're used to hearing from his work with Future. Well$, who has earned the full trust of Metro Boomin, uses his gruff delivery to give a glimpse at what to expect from his upcoming EP The Way I'm Living Makes My Mom Nervous.

"This is an anthem for all disenfranchised people in general and for my city in particular," Well$ told Billboard. "We don't get a lot hype regardless if we fuego or not, and this is just me telling my niggas keep going and make our presence felt and break the door down if they don't want to let us in... Carolina is coming, and goddammit young Metro trusts me."

XXL spoke to Well$ in 2012 when he was 19-years-old and getting his career off the ground. Even back then, the rapper had an old soul and spoke about studying and learning from the greats. "Lots of people in my generation try to be too niche with their shit. I guess that’s cool," he said. "But one thing I learned studying the greats like Big, ‘Pac, Jay, OutKast is to not set any limits. So my goal is to be the kinda artist who can do it all: serious songs, fun songs, introspective songs, braggadocios songs, ignorant songs, conscious songs, etc. ‘Cause as a human I go through different emotions, and my music represents the real me."

The Way I'm Living Makes My Mom Nervous is due out in late March.

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