Watch The Duck is ready for the world. On Friday (April 20), the duo of Jesse Rankins and Eddie Smith III released their debut album Delayed Adulthood.

The Alabama artists have been putting it down for a few years now, having released the EPs Anatidaephobia (2013) and Trojan Horse (2015), and appearing on tracks with T.I., Tony Yayo and more. Now we get their debut LP.

The eclectic project contains 13 tracks and is totally produced by Rankins and Smith. The vibe is simple. “We wanted to make an album for people who work every day, people who’ve 'shacked up' with someone before, people who are actively trying to figure their shit out. Basically it’s an album for adults,” says the duo.

The group is signed to Pharrell's i am OTHER imprint. The Virginia super producer thinks they are the new wave. "Watch The Duck has a new sound. It’s the future. It’s forward," Pharrell says. "So forward, that it doesn’t seem to experience the gravity of everyone’s present expectations of what black music could be. It’s beyond that.”

Listen to Watch The Duck's Delayed Adulthood album below.

Watch The Duck's Delayed Adulthood Album Tracklist

1. "There You Are"
2. "Feel This Love"
3. "I'm Happy For You (Interlude)"
4. "Fck Yo Man"
5. "Showing You Off"
6. "Single Friends"
7. "Somewhere in Alabama"
8. "Lionel Dream"
9. "In My Feelings"
10. "It's Nothin"
11. "Words With Fam"
12. "Friends Only"
13. "Ambulance"

Children Need Exercise / i am OTHER / Interscope
Children Need Exercise / i am OTHER / Interscope

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