Wale and Meek Mill may have had their issues in the past, but their differences appear to be behind them now after Wale posted a photo of the two on Instagram and revealed he had a long conversation with the incarcerated rapper.

"Spoke to my dawg for grip Yesterday ... it’s funny how nobody knows how close we are or what we been through," Wale wrote in the caption of an April 11 Instagram post. "It’s really deeper than rap. We look back and laugh at the dumb shyt and we welcome the endless possibilities of our future with open arms."

But while the Philadelphia rapper may currently be behind bars for violating his probation, Wale believes there is a silver lining. "The silver lining in this fucked up situation is the clarity and wisdom he has gained," the rapper continued. "The silver lining for me is realizing what (or who) is real. In the end there barely is a silver lining in such an unjust situation but the conversation we’ve been having have inspired me on levels I deemed unattainable at one point."

The It's Complicated artist ended his post on a positive note, saying that while Meek's body has been captured, his mind has not. "I’m grateful for the ups and downs because God /Universe will bless you directly and indirectly," Wale added. "Ill see u real soon my brova. Ps. I always feel weird about saying 'free____' because the body can be captured but the mind can remain elusive when there is clarity."

The feud between Wale and Meek Mill dates back to 2014, when Meek called out Wale on Twitter for not tweeting about his album. "#UNOTMMG" the rapper wrote at the time. The beef escalated with the two continuing to throw shots at each other on social media and during interviews.

Things appeared to be squashed in 2016, when during The Breakfast Club interview, Wale said about Meek, "At the end of the day, that's my nigga."

Check out Wale's latest Instagram post below.

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