There are two big events coming up this week, both Valentine's Day (Feb. 14), and NBA's All-Star Weekend (Feb. 16-Feb. 18), and ironically, they seem to clash for some lovers around the country.

Wale releases a new song called "All Star Break Up," which details a woman who leaves her regular men behind to pursue some ballers at All-Star Weekend. During his verse, the Shine rapper speaks on the heartbreakers who drop a man during Cupid's holiday to find themselves an NBA player just days later.

"But, If you could die from a broken heart you would drive a hearse/Cause, every guy that has ever found you attractive and acted on it," Wale rhymes. "Back pedals much after, that's when you've shown your worth/And I heard you love NBA niggas and/Now, you could track how much them niggas make and make rounds/At the All-Star break of day or so by Valentine's/So my advice if shorty doesn't know the game she gaming y'all."

While couples are gearing up for the holiday of love tomorrow (Feb. 14), 2 Chainz and Snoop Dogg are preparing their celebrity team rosters for their game against one another on Feb. 16.

Wale's new "All Star Break Up" comes with some eyebrow raises from fans, as it was released through Maybach Music Group and Every Blue Moon. Atlantic Records does not seem to be included in its distribution, which fuels the rumors that he is leaving the label to become an independent artist.

Take a listen to Wale's new song, "All Star Break Up" in the stream below.

Maybach Music Group/Every Blue Moon
Maybach Music Group/Every Blue Moon

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