Wale recently called in to The Russ Parr Morning Show to talk about his upcoming process The Album About Nothing. When asked about how MMG boss Rick Ross felt about his brief beef with Meek Mill, he said, "[Ross] was high. He gonna come in that joint smelling like a tree trunk. But that’s how he is though. He was just like, 'Man, what? We ain’t talking bout this right now.'"

He went on to explain that after the incident Meek went to jail two days later, which made it easy for him to get past their petty argument and focus on the bigger picture. Wale told the show that since Meek’s incarceration they haven't been directly in touch but he's been connecting through other people..

"I actually did a song with his cousin, his best friend," said Wale. "And I even poked fun at Meek and me arguing on the record. It’s all good. I think he comes home in late September, so it’s all good on all sides."

The Album About Nothing pulls from the show Seinfield and even features guest appearances from the comedian star Jerry Seinfield. Be on the look out for it in December.

Listen to the interview above.