With the news that he might be an impending dad and armed with a new album on the way, Wale is making his promo rounds to gear up for his forthcoming album, SHINE. As usual, Folarin isn't holding anything back. He stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club morning show where he opened up about SHINE, his new sound and his relationship with label mate Meek Mill,

"I'm a professional musician, so I wanna make sure people are like, I love his music, every time I drop music," Wale said. In the past, Wale has went on Twitter rants to express how he felt like an underdog despite his platinum albums and hit records. He confirmed his new album is a gift for anyone who will listen.

"And so that's why I do get offended. Like yo, I ain't making this for me. The Album About Nothing was for me. SHINE is for the world. 'My P.Y.T.' is for the world," he shared. The new track, featuring Sam Sneak, is one of Wale's first uptempo slow jams and he hopes it will be well received by all the DJ's who wanted Wale to speed up his flow.

The potential father-to-be seemed like he was in great spirits, even confirming the solidarity between himself and MMG's Meek Mill. "At the end of the day, that's my nigga," Wale confirmed. The D.C. representer even shared how he was excited for Meek's hard work and congratulated him on winning Best Rap Album at the Billboard Music Awards over Drake, Future and Kendrick Lamar, saying it was due to Meek's hard work.

You can count on Wale to keep it real. Peep the full interview with Wale and Sam Sneak above.

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