Lil Uzi Vert is flourishing in the music game and only getting bigger as we speak, but there has been a lot of discussion around him and his unique style. Now that Uzi's experimented with his sound, appearance and risky concert stunts over the last year, Waka Flocka Flame has some opinions on the Philadelphia rapper being considered part of hip-hop.

According to a now-deleted post from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Flocka believes that Uzi should be classified as rock instead of hip-hop, which would coincide with his taste and style. The post had a photo of Uzi with the words "Your hip hop" written above next to a photo of Nas with the words "My hip hop" written above.

"This post ain't bool @liluzivert is Rock not HipHop! This generation has #Logic #Jcole #Meek #KDot etc. let my era just be great!!!! Side note rock artist always been edge. #ImJustTakeUp4HipHop & #TheseStreets #TheseYoungNiggasUp Big old Facts #BigHomieFlock #BigDawgBigDawg," Waka wrote in the caption.

It's hard to tell if Waka is taking some light shots at the "Money Longer" artist, or if he's simply trying to defend Uzi's style, but it has raised some conversation on social media as to how the rapper should be classified. With his success this year, it doesn't look like the East Coast MC is worried about where his classification lies, as long as he can keep entertaining his fans.

Take a look at the deleted post from Waka Flocka below to see what he wrote.

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