Waka Flocka Flame knows how to tease. Four months after the expected release of his long-awaited Flockaveli sequel Flockaveli 2, the Georgia rapper shares a different new mixtape, Big Homie Flocka.

The project, which you can stream below, features 23 new cuts produced by a range of trap workaholics, including Southside, Zaytoven and 808 Mafia. Longtime Brick Squad collaborator Lex Luger contributes four beats ("Flava," "On A Plate," "Paddy Kake" and "Snakes"). Waka taps Skippa Da Flippa and Jimmy Rocket, among others, for guest verses.

The drop comes amid rising anticipation for the "Hard In Da Paint" rapper's forthcoming full-length project. In April, Waka posted alleged Flockeveli 2 cover art on Instagram with a caption reading, "October 5," echoing a statement from Waka last fall that announced his plans to release the album in 2018. In that statement, Waka explained that he recorded four different versions of the album over the years.

“This is the fourth time I’ve made Flockaveli II,” Waka said. “I lost the original version when I lost my hard drives, and then I lost two more after that. With this version of the album I just did it."

He also spoke about the project in February with XXL. "I’m coming to fuckin' put my foot down," Waka said. "When Flockaveli II come out, muthafuckas gon be like, “Nah, that’s the Godfather.” Literally. That’s literally what people gon' say."

Flocka offered a preview in March of what he's been working on, releasing the mixtape Brick House Boys, a joint project with Zaytoven and Big Bank Black.

See the tracklist and listen to Waka Flocka's latest tape Big Homie Flocka below.

1. "Big Homie Flocka"
2. "Flava"
3. "What U Movin" featuring Jimmy Rocket
4. "Down Bad" featuring J Dubb, Loudiene
5. "On a Plate"
6. "Paddy Kake" featuring Krazy Blacx, Loudiene
7. "Sinning"
8. "I Don't Need Ya" featuring Skippa Da Flippa, Sancho
9. "Aint Gon Have That" featuring Speedy, BC
10. "Chris Paul John Wall" featuring Jimmy Rocket, Luh Shotta E
11. "Prize" featuring Jimmy Rocket
12. "Smoker"
13. "Snakes"
14. "I Pray" featuring Jimmy Rocket, Ace, Junior, Kidd Jayy
15. "Choppas Brettas Glocks" featuring Loudiene
16. "Well Protected" featuring Krazy Blacx, Speed, Loudiene
17. "Chef Curry"
18. "Clientele"
19. "Y&R"
20. "Cold Hearted Killaz"
21. "21"
22. "No Doubt About It"
23. "Trenches"

Waka Flocka Flame
Waka Flocka Flame

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