Wack 100 had a lot to say about Meek Mill during a recent Clubhouse chat session.

During the chat on the voice-based platform, which was recorded and posted on YouTube on Wednesday (Aug. 18), Wack addressed Meek’s recent tweet from earlier this month, in which he accused Wack of manipulating and controlling younger gangs he needs protection from.

“Nah I ain’t seen what Meek Mill said, Meek Mill been ducking fades," the music executive said. "Blood already know we gotta get down. Meek Mill has turned down so many fades."

Wack then talked about the incident last February, in which 6ix9ine ran into Meek and his security team and a brief scuffle ensued.

"We just watched him get marked out, 6ix9ine marked the guy, we all see that," he said. "Don’t go talking about you an advocate for convicts, you weren’t even a convict. You did 110 days, your gripe is you been on probation 11 years, you ain’t do 11 years. Fuck out of here with that shit, my nigga. You crying about being free on probation, nigga. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t lyin', bro."

When asked if Wack is willing to have a private sit-down with Meek along with the Honorable Mininister Louis Farrakhan, he agreed to it. “Yeah, we can do it, on Piru,” he stated. "Where do he want to do that at?”

Later in the chat, Wack threw Meek under the bus for touting himself as a gangster and the “6ix9ine killer,” but never laying hands on the “Gummo" rapper.

"This man made himself the spokesperson as a 6ix9ine killer,” Wack explained. “6ix9ine is not a police, my nigga, he’s a rat. In the streets, things happen to rats. What the fuck is you talking about? He’s the police, nigga? He worked with the police. That’s what made him the rat. And since he [Meek] made himself the nigga that wanted to deal with the rat when the rat pulled up on you aggressive, you was supposed to deal with that.”

Wack further defended 6ix9ine for being an informant. “I don’t think 6ix9ine, being who he is...I tell people all the time, civilians cannot be labeled snitches,” he said.

In a separate Clubhouse chat session, which included Wack 100, 6ix9ine explained his February altercation with Meek and claimed that the Philadelphia rapper was scared to throw blows with him.

“I'm on federal parole, he's not, nigga,” Tekashi said. "That nigga is over here doing criminal justice [work]. I went to jail for RICO, racketeering, he went to jail for poppin’ a wheelie. Two different niggas.”

Also during the conversation, 6ix9ine continued to slander Meek suggesting that he's “pussy” because he was scared to fight him because the Dream Chasers Records CEO didn’t want to go to jail. “

You can’t pick and choose,” Tekashi said. "You can’t choose to be gangsta and then pick 'I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t want to go to jail.' You gangsta, let your nuts drag and go off, nigga.”

Interestingly, during this same chat, Wack 100 made an about-face and turned down Meek’s request for a private meeting him along with Minister Farrakhan. "Nigga, fuck all of that. I eat pork,” he said.

You can listen to 6ix9ine's chat on Clubhouse below. Fast-forward to the 2:20-mark to hear 6ix9ine’s thoughts on Meek Mill.

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