The man suspected of snatching Fetty Wap's chain was caught on camera carrying a gun. TMZ got their hands on a video which shows a scuffle between Fetty's crew and the suspect, Ronald "Fuzz" Thomas. The footage depicts the scene before shots were fired on Sunday morning (March 26) in a Paterson, N.J. deli.

The confrontation happened after Fetty was allegedly robbed by Thomas, a rival of the "My Way" artist. Police were called to the scene after two men were shot. One victim was shot in the leg while the other was hit in the torso. None of the wounds were considered life-threatening.

Thomas has claimed he did not rob Fetty, but he did post a picture of himself with the chain on Instagram. Thomas said he wished he could take credit for the theft in the post, which has since been deleted.

“How he got his chain taken I don’t know and I don’t care. That’s none of my business,” Thomas wrote. “I will love to take credit for it but unfortunately, my Instagram is no liar.”

The post backfired as it prompted authorities to arrest Thomas. Although Thomas is a suspect in the robbery, he has not been charged with the crime at this time. Instead, Thomas was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon. He is currently being held without bail in Passaic County Jail.

Watch the footage below.

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