A few months ago, Vic Mensa stated that he was mad at Kanye West following the G.O.O.D. Music leader's support of President Donald Trump. However, in an new interview with Hot 97 yesterday (Dec. 11), Vic reveals that he feels for Kanye and has a better understanding of a bipolar personality.

While speaking to Hot 97, Vic explained that he feels for the Yandhi rapper and is able to look at the situation differently.

"I've really been coming to see that particular situation through a different lens as well," Vic said to host Ebro Darden. "I'm dealing with some family stuff right now where a family member is really going through some things mentally. And yo, bipolar, etcetera, is no joke. The things you will do, you know what I'm saying? Whatever stimuli puts your mind in that mind frame, the things you will do, I'm not even mad at ’Ye no more. I feel for him because that shit is crazy. Bipolar people, they go through it."

Back in October, Kanye visited President Trump and said that racism is a tool that liberals use to control Black people. "You think racism can control me? Oh, that don't stop me, that's an invisible wall," Kanye said during his meeting. Even though Vic forgives 'Ye based on his bipolar personality, 'Ye also revealed during his White House meeting that he was misdiagnosed.

Elsewhere during the interview, the "Empathy" spitter discussed his upcoming Hooligans EP, which releases on Friday (Dec. 14). Last month, Vic dropped his music video for "Dark Things," which will also be featured on his upcoming EP.

Check out Vic Mensa's interview below. His comments regarding Kanye can be heard around the 30:39-mark.

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