Today (March 30), Wu-Tang Clan member U-God drops his long-awaited album, Venom.

The 14-track project includes guest appearances from fellow Wu-Tang members, Raekwon, Insepctah Deck and Method Man, as well as Scotty Wotty and Nomdiq. Production on the project is handled by Powers Pleasant, Green Lantern, DJ Homicide, Lordn Finesse and more.

U-God's latest album follows the recent release of his book, Raw: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang. The rapper recently made headlines for the book thanks to a section in the memoir where he accuses Wu-Tang's RZA of mismanaging the collective.

“Right now, it just looks like the Wu brothers are not on the same page, going at each other’s throats, missing shows, and all that. But, to me, it’s really years of BS catching up to RZA,” U-God wrote in the book.

Peep the Venom tracklist and stream the album below.

U-God's Venom Album Tracklist

1. "Exordium" (Produced by ILL TAL)
2. "Unstoppable" (Produced by Powers Pleasant)
3. "Epicenter" featuring Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Scotty Wotty (Produced by Green Lantern)
4. "Bit Da Dust" (Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
5. "Elegance" featuring Nomdiq (Produced by Green Lantern)
6. "Climate" (Produced by Jose Reynoso)
7. "Venom" (Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
8. "Felon" (Produced by Large Professor)
9. "Legacy" (Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
10. "Whole World Watchin’" (Produced by Lord Finesse, The Bossmen, K Ford and Davel McKenzie)
11. "XXX" featuring Method Man (Produced by DJ Homicide)
12. "Jackpot" featuring Scotty Wotty (Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
13. "Wisdom" (Produced by Jose Reynoso)
14. "Venom" (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

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