Don't get your hopes up about A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator's joint project because despite what Rocky claims, no such project exists. At least, that's what Tyler says.

"i wish rocky would shut the fuck up and stop always saying what he's working on 40 years before its even a fleshed out idea," Tyler wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning (Jan. 22). "with that said, again, dont get your hopes up and be 'disappointed' because something that doesnt really exist didnt come out. that shit dont exist yall =)"

Tyler and Rocky have frequently collaborated in the past on tracks like "Who Dat Boy," "Telephone Calls" and most recently, "Potato Salad"—the latter of which also teased this alleged joint project.

At the end of the "Potato Salad" music video that was posted on YouTube over the summer, a teaser reads, "WANG$AP Coming Soon." Tyler wasn't happy about it then either.

"Ima kill rocky for that idk whats coming soon or not dont get yo hopes up nigga just be excited but enjoy it," he tweeted in response at the time.

Tyler's latest comments stem from Rocky's recent interview with Angie Martinez, where he indirectly teased their collaboration once again.

“I’m working on my music now. Working on another project,” Rocky told the legendary radio host during their interview released on Jan. 16. “Working with my brother Tyler, The Creator. His dumbass.”

Check out Tyler's tweet below. Rocky has not yet responded.

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