Tyler, The Creator loves "Freestyle 4" on Kanye West's new The Life of Pablo, as evident on A$AP Rocky's Snapchat. Tyler's been spazzing out to the song lately, and today he dropped his own freestyle over the beat, complete with a video starring his former tour partner A$AP Rocky. Watch the hilarious clip above.

In the song, Tyler talks about rappers taking zan, shooting his own Rolling Stone cover because they never gave him one, and dropping "dead weight" from his crew. The video is just Tyler, Rocky, and co. wiling out in the studio in typical Odd Future fashion. In general, Tyler is spitting hard here.

Earlier this week a full clip of Tyler interviewing Rocky was released, and it's fucking hilarious. Not only does the A$AP leader do a spot-on impersonation of Tyler's growl, but he also explains why he doesn't drive that much. Needless to say, Tyler gets his fair share of jokes in.

Watch Tyler's new video above.

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