The gas-guzzling Hummer hasn't been in automotive style for a while now, but as a moving piece of memorabilia, the market might change. Boston-based RR Auction is currently listing a 1996 Hummer H1 purchased by Tupac a month before his death at an estimated cost exceeding $100,000. The odometer clocks just 10,101 miles on the vehicle, which was purchased on August 16, 1996.

The full vehicle details are available at RR Auction's website, but two happen to jump out as particularly cool. The whip has a custom license plate reading “YAKNPAK,” honoring Shakur and late rapper Yaki ‘Prince’ Kadafi, and it comes with two Pac-owned promotional cassettes for Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the rapper's own All Eyez on Me.

The car has passed through a few hands after Pac, serving as the prize in a 2003 BET raffle titled ‘Picture Me Rollin’’ and then purchased in 2007 by Havenotz Entertainment owners Sardar ‘Candyman 187’ Khan and Yaasmyn Fula, the latter being the mother of Kadafi, who lost his life two months after Pac. The item description notes that Kadafi and Pac "drove the Hummer often, cruising Los Angeles on late summer nights after time spent in the studio."

Word of the car's availability comes just a few weeks after high school love letters written by Pac surfaced with a price tag of $35,000. The vehicle is currently stored in Vancouver, Canada. This coming September will mark the 20th anniversary of Pac's death.

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