Troy Ave and Taxstone appear to go back-and-forth with each other on Twitter this week.

On Friday (March 10), Troy Ave seems to have called Taxstone a "hater" during a heated Twitter exchange. It all started when Taxstone tweeted on Thursday (March 9), "Can’t wait for this delusional lying ass bozo to testify on Monday !!!"

Although the embattled former podcaster, born Daryl Campbell, didn't mention any names, he is likely referring to Troy Ave since Taxstone is on trial for the infamous 2016 shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City that took the life of Troy's bodyguard Ronald "Banga" McPhatter.

Taxstone's attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, has confirmed to XXL that Troy Ave, born Roland Collins, is expected to testify in his client's trial on Monday (March 13).

"Yes, he is. He is expected to testify concerning his cooperation," Montgomery said in a statement.

Troy Ave, possibly in response to Taxstone's tweet, wrote on Friday: "A call to action is crazy [rolling on the floor laughing emoji] 'I can’t wait' Said the person with nothing but time [skull emoji]…his friends cooked him [steak emoji] VERY WELL DONE! I might jus bring the dessert , wat kind y’all want!? [four tears of joy emoji] #UnSafeTho."

The "UnSafeTho" hashtag may be a flip on Taxstone's often used hashtag #BeSafeTho.

Troy then tweeted a strange message to former President Barack Obama and possibly called Taxstone a "hater" in his tweet.

"Dear @POTUS44 [former President Obama] this Hater tryna frame the murder of MY FRIEND on Me. I’m innocent I boomed @ the hater of self defense! His Mans Caswell & Malcolm ate the [cheese] on him already! My new album gon be called 'DEAR HATER I WON' pre order uP MONDAY!" he wrote.

On Saturday (March 11), Taxstone delivered several tweets that are possibly aimed at Troy Ave.

"Rejecting self reflection at any cost," he began his Twitter rant. Lowlifes think the most highly of themselves."

"Keeping their face far from mirrors but placing them in front of everyone else’s face," he continued. "Sometimes we get lost and have to find ourselves but never forget to self reflect[.]"

The trial is a result of Taxstone's involvement in the shooting and death of Banga. During a T.I show at Irving Plaza in New York City in 2016, an argument occurred in the VIP section around 10:30 p.m. Gunfire erupted, which ended the show and resulted in Banga's murder. Surveillance video of the venue showed Troy Ave firing a gun. He claimed he was shooting in self-defense. Troy, who also suffered a gunshot wound in the leg, was arrested for the shooting.

Taxstone was also arrested for his part in the shooting. He was charged with one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and one count of receipt of a firearm in interstate commerce. Taxstone's DNA was found on the gun that killed Banga and injured Troy Ave.

Twitter beefs aside, it will be interesting to see what will happen during Taxstone's trial on Monday.

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