Troy Ave has turned himself in to serve a one-year prison sentence for his role in the infamous 2016 shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City.

Troy Ave Sentenced for Irving Plaza Shooting

On Feb. 9, Troy Ave posted a video on his Instagram page that shows him about to enter court to be sentenced. Before entering the building, Troy gives a message to fans.

"About to run up in the court," he starts off. "They might cheat me, you might not see me for a while. But just know the streets is a myth. All them people that was in the car with me, I end up taking the guns. Somebody shot at me, and instead of laying down and dying, I’d have been a hero, a martyr, I took the gun and bust back."

He continues: "There you have it, here come the consequences. But we don’t cry over spilt milk. You take the lemons and you make lemonade. God is great and paper straight. Y’all keep supporting and keep running it up. And send prayers; prayers count more than anything."

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Troy Ave Could Be Out in Six Months

XXL reached out to Troy Ave's attorney John B. Stella for comment. He released the following statement about Troy's sentence.

"Roland was sentenced on 2/9/24 to 1 year jail on his plea to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in the 2nd degree," the statement reads. "Under the law he must serve 8 months to satisfy that sentence. Since he previously spent almost 2 months in jail before he made bail, the remaining balance of time he must serve is a little over 6 months."

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The 2016 Irving Plaza Shooting

On May 25, 2016, a show at Irving Plaza in New York City turned deadly when a shooting broke out in the green room following an altercation between hip-hop podcaster Taxstone and Troy Ave's camp. Troy Ave's bodyguard Ronald "Banga" McPhatter was shot and killed during the incident. Troy Ave was charged with attempted murder in connection to the incident after video surfaced that showed him shooting a gun in the venue, though he claimed self-defense. Last March, Taxstone was found guilty of shooting and killing McPhatter. In exchange for a lesser sentence, Troy Ave testified during the trial.

See video of Troy Ave delivering a message to fans before turning himself in to serve a one-year prison sentence for the infamous 2016 Irving Plaza shooting below.

Watch Troy Ave Turn Himself In

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