Early last Tuesday (June 28) morning, Atlanta rapper Trouble was arrested and charged with multiple misdemeanor and felony charges. He's currently being held without bond, but has a court date scheduled for July 12.

XXL has learned that Trouble was allegedly pulling up to an apartment next door to a place that was being raided by cops that night. When Trouble arrived at his separate destination, cops apparently recognized him and put him in custody. His charges include firearm possession, drug trafficking, possession of steroids and more.

Alley Boy showed support for his fellow Duct Tape rapper on Instagram in the post below.

Trouble, who's been down with Duct Tape Entertainment for some time now, has been making a strong resurgence in popularity for the past year with mixtapes like #ZayDidIt, Skoob Fresh and this year's phenomenal SkoobzillaBolstered by buzzing tracks like "Ahh Man" and "Whatchu Doin," the tape has been hailed as one of the year's strongest so far.

It also helped that last year, Young Thug released a collab with Trouble called "Thief in the Night." The song blew up in Atlanta but failed to get major backing from labels and eventually fell by the wayside.

XXL hears that Trouble's been on a tear recording new music, apparently cooking up around 200 tracks between Skoob Fresh and Skoobzilla and knocking out roughly another 60 tracks since Skoobzilla dropped. Let's hope he's out soon so he can hit us with more dope shit.

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