A few days after being called out by listeners for sounding like Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd is back with what fans feel is another arguably Carti-esque banger called “Star Power.”

Similar to last week’s unofficial release of “Hello Kitty,” Trippie’s new single, which dropped Sunday night (March 29), features Sunny2point0, Auto-Tune and Playboi Carti-sounding vocals and adlibs. “I just popped a molly/I just popped a shotty/She gon’ be my shawty/I don’t know nobody/I just want her body,” raps the A Love Letter to You rap star.

Within moments of the song and video being uploaded to YouTube, fans began flooding the video's comment section with jokes about how much they think the song sounds like something Carti would release.

“I feel like he biting on carti’s flow on purpose... I still mess wit it tho,” wrote one YouTube user.  “Should’ve just got Carti on dis smh,” wrote another.

Now, the supposed resemblance between Trippie and Carti's style for these songs is completely subjective, and it's unclear whether this was something Trippie was even going for. However, the two artists do have a good rapport.

Last summer, Trippie hinted that a collaborative effort between himself and Carti in the works. Since then, the platinum rapper behind hits like the Travis Scott-featured “Dark Knight Dummo” and “Topanga” hasn’t offered any updates on his project with Carti, but he instead delivered the solo project ! and the fourth installment of his acclaimed A Love Letter to You series.

See how fans are currently reacting to Trippie's new flow below.

See Fans Making Jokes About Trippie Redd's New Song Sounding Like Playboi Carti

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