Just days after Soulja Boy hopped on Instagram Live to declare who the real Draco is, Trippie Redd is telling the Atlanta rapper to pipe down.

In a video of Trippie's Instagram Live that was shared via YouTube on Monday (Dec. 21), the rhymer is calling out Soulja for the rant he recently went on, in which he fired back at Drakeo The Ruler after the California artist claimed that there's no Big Draco (Soulja's nickname) and only one Drakeo.

"I been doing this. I started this, nigga," Trippie said in a high-pitched tone, clearly making fun of Soulja. "I started this shit, nigga. I was the first nigga going viral on YouTube, nigga. Nigga! Nigga! Big Draco, nigga! Nigga talking all that shit, nigga. I'm Big Soulja, nigga. I been doing this. I been fuckin‘ all the bitches. I been working with all the rappers. I been doing that. Y'all just now doing it."

Trippie then switched to his regular speaking voice and said, "Bruh, it's life. Shut the fuck up."

Trippie went on to question when was the last time Soulja had a hit record. "Tell that nigga do it again, man," Trippie said. "Nigga be ranting and talking all this crazy shit on the internet. Do it again. Can you go platinum for engineering and producing a song again? Nigga be prolonging a situation. Bro, it's 30 years-plus later... Wrap it up. Clean it up. When's the last time you went platinum this year?"

The Pegasus artist continued, basically calling Soulja's rant pointless. "That nigga went on the internet and ain't say nothing about nobody," Trippie told his IG Live viewers. "This internet shit be getting to people's head. I swear to God. I be wanting to go live and just say certain shit about certain niggas and just be like, 'Bruh, shut up. You not no gangsta. Nigga wanted to handle some gangsta shit at ya crib, you did some pussy nigga shit, I don't fuck with you no more.'"

Last weekend, Soulja Boy proclaimed his veteran rapper status after Drakeo The Ruler went on social media and teased his feature with Drake. After sharing a snippet of his upcoming mixtape, The Truth Hurts, Drakeo wrote on his Instagram Story, "There is only one Drakeo and that's me. There is no Big Draco or none of that shit niggas is talking 'bout!!"

Shortly after, Soulja chimed in, demanding respect for the moves he's made in the rap game throughout his career.

"Anything you rap niggas done did, I already did it, nigga," Soulja said on his IG Live. "Signing a record deal, I been did it. Fucking these groupie ass hoes, I been did it. Doing songs with these rap niggas, I been did it. Y'all niggas late, y'all niggas catching up. Going viral on the internet, I been did it. I don't need no songs with none of you pussy-ass niggas."

Big Soulja hasn't responded to Trippie Redd just yet.

Check out Trippie Redd's Instagram Live video below.

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