Trippie Redd takes a viral moment and turns it into a song on the new track, "I Kill People," featuring Chief Keef and Tadoe, on Friday (June 1).

The new track is produced by OZ, and references a leaked FaceTime conversation between Tadoe and 6ix9ine, where the Chicago rapper warns the "Gummo" artist that he has bodies on him. Despite the morbid theme, the track is upbeat. "Shawty know I kill people, real people/From the trenches where it's real lethal, tote real regals," Trippie rhymes on the chorus. "Big body, what's your build boy? Ill boy/Nigga need to find his chill boy, yeah."

Tadoe continues the menacing bars on his verse. "Tote somethin' illegal/Hit your block with them guys, hop out, kill people," he spits. "Got a Glock four-five, and it's real lethal (let's get it)/Bitch, you know we fry, we really kill people (bang bang)."

Chief Keef brings up the rear with a less fatal 16, making use of Auto-Tune. "Everyone same side for lil bro, Ice Age all of my clothes/How I ball, you think I went pro, I'm in the hood, bricks go/She show me her thong, Cisco, she's high and ready to go," he raps.

In other Trippie-related news, the Ohio artist was arrested in Atlanta on Tuesday (May 29), along with Lil Wop. The arrest reportedly stems from an altercation they got in with another rapper.

Listen to Trippie Redd, Chief Keef and Tadoe's new "I Kill People" track below.

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