Trill Sammy and Slim Jxmmi turn a hospital into a function in Sammy's new video for "Feel Better," a visual that finds both rappers smooth talking some fine hospital staff members.

In the video, which dropped yesterday (March 29), we see the two rappers head to the hospital. For his part, Sammy can be seen sipping a variety of drinks, including Hennessy. The lens fades in and out of blurriness as Sammy sips his drinks.

"Feel Better" sees both Sammy and Jxmmi suggest that a beautiful woman is a quick fix for any ailment. "Yeah, feel better (ayy)/Drinking Henny out the bottle/I just fucked your bitch it made me feel better/Woke up right next to a model (damn)/I just left the bank it made me feel better," Sammy spits on the hook for the song that's as woozy as its video.

When Sammy's not being laid down by some of the foxy nurses and doctors, we see him smooth-talking them as they turn the hospital all the way up.

For his part, Jxmmi takes it upon himself to engage the patients of the apparently lit hospital. In his verse, he lays out his recipe for a good night.

"Boy you come fuck with me anyday, everyday I'm eatin' good like a heavy-weight/Get left behind on that pussy chase, I chase the bank like it's tryna escape (I run it up)/Bitch I ain't good I’m great/I got to sleep with a smile on my face (Jxm)/We drinkin’ Henny not Ace," spits Jxmmi, who dropped his first solo single, "Brxnks Truck," a month ago.

Watch Trill Sammy's video for "Feel Better" below. Check out his video for "Do Not Disturb" when you're done.

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