The Gucci Mane and Jeezy Verzuz battle that happened tonight has captured just about everyone's attention, including Travis Scott.

On Thursday night (Nov. 19), while the highly anticipated hit-for-hit battle was taking place on Verzuz's Instagram Live, a tweet began circulating online, which shows that Travis Scott is selling merch for the Verzuz battle on his personal website,

"Why Travis scott dropping merch for this Jeezy verzus Gucci Mane," the tweet read.

It's unclear when La Flame exactly launched the $48 T-shirts, but he's selling one brown and one white version. On the front of both shirts is an iced-out snowman, symbolic of Jeezy, and a blinged-out ice cream cone, which represents Gucci. The sizes range from a small to a "2005 tall tee one size," seemingly poking fun at the oversized clothing trend over 15 years ago.

The back of the shirt reads "TM:1017" and "Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy Live From Magic City Atlanta." The TM stands for the Macon, Ga. native's Thug Motivation album series while the 1017 is Gucci's record label as well as the numbers on Guwop's grandfather's house. Magic City is the famous Atlanta strip club, which housed tonight's Verzuz battle.

It's unclear if this is an official collaboration between the three rhymers, but the shirt is labeled on the site: "Cactus Jack for Verzuz."

This is the second set of merch that Travis Scott has dropped this month. On Nov. 13, he released a collection in conjunction with his partnership with PlayStation, which consists of clothing, accessories and more.

Back in September, Travis delivered an extensive line of McDonald's-related merch items following the announcement of his deal with the fast-food franchise. For the first launch, he dropped 48 items, which sold out almost immediately. Days later, 37 more items arrived. He capped off the merch with a third drop in late September.

Check out the Gucci Mane and Jeezy Verzuz battle T-shirts below.

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