Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas might be in the midst of a classic rap battle, but that doesn't mean there's any ill will between them. That's a point the two made loud and clear when they professed their mutual fandom during an Instagram Live session earlier today (Nov. 21).

Addressing each other with nothing but smiles and laughs, both seemed to be pretty cool with one another even as they let loose more playful jabs. "First and foremost, I'm a fan," Joyner tells Lucas. "Vice versa," Tory begins in response. "I talk a lot of shit, but at the end of the day, this is for the sport."

The playful war of words between Joyner and Tory began after Tory claimed that Joyner wasn't on his level as a rapper. From there, Joyner challenged Tory to a rap battle. Less than a full day later, Tory responded with his "Lucky You" freestyle, which is a playful Joyner diss over the instrumental for the Worcester, Mass. rapper's collaboration with Eminem. Later, Joyner clapped back with a freestyle over the instrumental for Meek Mill and Tory's "Litty," unloading his own Tory diss, "Litty Freestyle." Within hours, though, Tory responded once again with his "Litty Again Freestyle" over the same beat.

It's unclear when, exactly, this session took place, but it appears to have happened before Tory unloaded his own second Joyner Lucas diss track. Thus far, the two have exchanged a total of three diss tracks in less than two days, so it's not as if there's been a lot of downtime during this whole thing.

Whether this whole rap exchange is over or not can't be said for sure, but it feels safe to say these two are on good terms.

Peep video from their joint Instagram Live session below.

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