It's been a minute since listeners have heard from Tink. The 2015 XXL Freshman makes her return with a fury as she drops the hard hitting "Circle the Block" produced by Timbaland.

The new single doesn't feature any hook as Tink goes in on the track with two relentless verses. Timbaland provides a perfect beat for the Chicago rapper to attack with no mercy.

"Seven years since Mike died what a better time to go pop a hoe/Any n---a wanna run game put the dot up on him like a domino/No Dominic's but I bag n---as like mama duty with the similac/Soccer van with a hitman and his aim better than the quarterbacks/Quarter cost me like seven grams, bitches failing like bad exams/N---as scoring for the fucking team and we will pinch your face like it's Maybelline/And I'm hands on with this dirty work/Sleep a n---a, anesthetic/Off top if I see the ops then I'm rushing at them like a paramedic/Parasailing when I'm out of town/Dogs with me no Charlie Brown/Biting hoes getting exposed cause they couldn't make it with their own sound/You the middle man and I am the plug/Right now, fuck a next up/Rap n---as keep sneakdissing like Tekken they gon' catch one/Pear n---a can't come here light him up like he Time Square/Kick him out like I'm Gucci Mane, Timbaland and Tink in that tinted Range/And it's hot/Circle the block/I'm from the city where n---as get dropped for being the cops," Tink raps.

Tink's self-titled debut is expected to drop some time this year, though there is no word on a release date for the album.

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