The Internet was plenty abuzz last month following the love triangle between Kehlani, PartyNextDoor and Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving, with Chris Brown supporting his friend Kyrie with a series of tweets that offered no sympathy to Kehlani, who had attempted to take her own life following rumors that she had cheated on Kyrie.

"There is no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing shit for sympathy so them comments under your pics don’t look so bad,” Brown wrote on Twitter. As a result of his disparaging remarks, several female musicians, including Zendaya, Tinashe and two of the five members of Fifth Harmony unfollowed Brown. Both Zendaya and Tinashe have tracks out with Brown while Fifth Harmony has expressed their own obsession with the singer in the past. Brown had responded to the unfollows on Instagram writing, "Notice that I’m not the one asking to get on anyone’s record, this is them thinking they are standing up for something."

Now, in a sit-down with 106KMEL's Shay Diddy, Tinashe offers up some insight on her relationship with CB, saying that they are friends in a loose sense of the word.

"I just kinda laughed it off. I felt like it was just so unnecessary," she said in regards to the whole following-unfollowing drama. "It’s not a big deal to me. I don’t think that follows on Twitter are a big deal. If I see him, I would love to speak to him. I would love if he would reach out. I have absolutely nothing against him. We’re on good terms, as far as I knew."

And on the Kehlani news, which reached a boiling point when the singer posted an image of herself from a hospital bed, Tinashe said, "It was just a lot. It’s always hard when everything that’s really personal is just on social media in general. It’s just a messy situation. It’s just not nice to see. It’s not fun. It’s not positive."

Watch Tinashe's interview with Shay Diddy up above.

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