This is one of hip-hop's strangest beefs. For the past couple of days, Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg have been throwing shots at each other. Here's the timeline.

It all started when a photo of Iggy leaving the airport with no makeup on last weekend went viral (see below). Social media went nuts and proceeded to go in with reckless humor on the Aussie rapper because she wasn't looking her best. (She's leaving the airport people, not the MET Gala!)


Snoop Dogg—who's extremely active on Instagram—posted a meme of Iggy Azalea "without make up."

While the post was probably just for a couple a laughs and likes, Iggy was not laughing.  Azalea fired back on Twitter to question Snoop’s motives behind the post, because as far as she was concerned, they were friends or at least friendly acquaintances.


Then things get interesting. Dogg Pound’s Daz Dillinger chimed in. According to TMZ, Daz said that Snoop Dogg isn’t worried because he doesn’t ”give a f***” about Iggy because she’s nowhere near his level.” That statement proved true when Snoop continued his onslaught on the Aussie rapper on Instagram by posting more pictures dissing her.


And u were saying ?