Thutmose is a Nigerian-born rapper who moved to Brooklyn when he was 9 years old.  He first started gaining attention from his 2017 freestyle over Kendrick Lamar's "Humble." His unique upbringing plays into his brand of music, and his creative new songs "Ride With Me" and "Karma" are solid examples of such.

"Ride With Me" is his most recent track, a day in the life of a rapper. Early on, he flexes shamelessly about the women in his life. "I live a wild life don't judge me/Smoking hella joints in the lobby/Walk in the room then leave with the girls/It ain't my fault they wanna fuck me," he spits.

The thumping beat is both light and heavy, and makes the entire song sound like something that could catch on. He also gets off some clever pop culture references: "Like 2Pac spitting at the tabloids/I'm Will Smith hanging with the bad boys/Get the bag, mask on then we blast off."

The tone of "Karma" is a bit different. This track, which also features vocals from Alex Mali, is an upbeat club jam that nearly transports back to the days of 1980's pop. Lyrically, it's straightforward, speaking directly to a woman Thutmose wishes to grow closer to. "Nothing in life is for certain/Close the curtains, follow me baby/I won't desert you," he sings, being as honest as he can. The rest of the song sets a scene of pursuit, leading to things not working out.

Listen to Thutmose's "Ride With Me" and "Karma" below.


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