They., the talented producer-singer duo consisting of Dante Jones and Drew Love, cut their teeth on poignant and personal R&B, blending rock and other genres into their unique sound. Their most recent video is for the song "Pops," which is about growing up and developing a better relationship with your father.

The Robert Nyerges-directed video opens with a young man talking to a family member on the porch, where she compliments him on his emotional strength. As the video goes on, it becomes clear that the kid is walking into his father's funeral. The rest of the scenes are flashbacks of the father and son spending time together. The young man from the intro eventually finds peace within his occasionally tumultuous relationship with his late father.

The lyrics of the song are peppered with the type of things you remember about someone you really love. "I get my drinking from my daddy/Used to kick the wisdom while he sipped up on his Brandy," Drew shares. "He pushed a Plymouth but that nigga used to whip it like a Caddy/Never saw the method to his madness." He also remembers the tougher times with his father. "Some days I would scream,'"I can't stand you'/And then he slip up say he wished he never had me."

The song's original release was near Father's Day, so They. set up an event where fathers and sons across the country can get free haircuts. It's been a great year for They. in general, as they performed at Coachella in April, an opportunity they were very excited about.

Check out the "Pops" video below.

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