The Weeknd sure has a lot to say on this remix of Bryson Tiller's "Rambo" including an illuminating bit on an incident that's well over a year old. In January of 2015, the singer was arrested in Las Vegas for reportedly punching a police officer, the story going that a fight broke out early one morning at the Cromwell Hotel. In an effort to break up the fight, a police officer pulled Weeknd into an elevator, where the alleged punch eventually took place.

On the "Rambo" remix, Weeknd references the incident and what could have been a case of police brutality, by saying, "They cuffed me like I was single, fuck it I’m back to Henny / Thank the lord, didn’t kill me in that elevator / Wasn’t my time, set my soul down for later / Cheat death that day never played fair."

Elsewhere, Weeknd recounts some of his higher notes from the past year, including his performance at the Victoria Secret fashion show. "I just signed a deal so big that it’s a secret/Victoria Secret angels dancing round me for a reason/Spread your wings around me like I’m Freddie Mercury/Baby you should call me king, you know that it’s my season," he says.

For the typically melodic singer, the above remix is a heavier lyrical display than fans are accustomed to. Throughout his verse, which takes up much of the songs middle portions, Weeknd details how he's killed the pop game in the past year, so while the Las Vegas arrest was some time ago, he may just now be properly reflecting on it.

Listen above as he and Tiller link up.

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