There's been quite a few delays on it, but The Underachievers have finally dropped their brand new Renaissance album for their solid fan base. The highly-anticipated project from the Brooklyn-bred hip-hop duo are giving their loyal listeners 15 new tracks, which showcases the growth of both members, Issa Gold and AKTHESAVIOR, as a collective.

The New York brethren have been teasing the new album for months, having released the artwork in April, which highlights the two members as superheroes. While a majority of the project finds the two artists showing off their own genius in the studio, they did get two features from Mello on tracks "Saint Paul" and "Break the System." The album also has production credits from the likes of Tedd Boyd, Ronny J, Roper Williams, 2401 and more.

Even though the rappers were slated to drop Renaissance back in February, as originally planned, the month came and went without any release. The duo worked hard to make it up to their fans by dropping "Final Destination" back in March, which is featured on the new project.

Renaissance follows in the footsteps of their It Happened In Flatbush mixtape, which they released in May of 2016. The project contained 10 songs from both AK and Issa Gold, and was available on SoundCloud.

Check out the tracklist for The Underachievers' new album and stream the project below.

The Underachievers' Renaissance Tracklist

1. "In My Zone"
2. "Eyes Wide Open"
3. "Saint Paul" (feat. Mello)
4. "Gotham Nights"
5. "Crescendo"
6. "Super Potent"
7. "How We Roll"
8. "Kiss the Sky"
9. "Phoenix Feathers"
10. "Any Day"
11. "Different Worlds"
12. "Break the System" (feat. Mello)
13. "Cobra Clutch
14. "Final Destination"
15. "Head Right"

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