The Underachievers' did not release an album in February like they originally planned, but they have a new song to make it up to their fans. Issa Gold and AKTHESAVIOR come through with the Powers Pleasant-produced "Final Destination," which serves as the third single for their Renaissance LP.

The track features a hypnotic beat that Issa and AK maneuver over with precision. The hook is particularly captivating with Issa putting together some deft rhymes.

“Grip a cloud of pressure, load the clip with 60 rounds/Niggas fronted on the set, but I bet they see me now/Make ‘em flip off on the shrimp, I bet that shit come back around/Ran to check up on the set, I think you blew like 50 pounds,” Issa raps.

There is still no release date for Renaissance, but the arrival of "Final Destination" is hopefully a sign that the project will be dropping soon. So far, The Underachievers have released two tracks from the LP. The duo kicked off their album campaign with "Gotham Knights" then followed it up with "Cobra Clutch."

Renaissance is the first of three projects that The Underachievers intend to release in 2017. The LP will be their first studio album since 2015's Evermore: The Art of Duality. Issa and AK did drop a mixtape called It Happened in Flatbush last year.

Listen to The Underachievers' new single "Final Destination" below via SoundCloud.

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