Today (March 9), XXL has honored The Notorious B.I.G. by sharing a variety of stories on the late MC. We have looked back at some of his memorable moments, talked to hip-hop legends about Biggie's legacy and heard his mother Voletta Wallace say she knows who killed her son. Still, it only seems right to cap off the day by letting fans hear Biggie spit again.

Tim Westwood provided such an opportunity when he released a rare freestyle by The Notorious B.I.G. that was recorded in 1995. The 10 minute audio clip sees Biggie and his Bad Boy label mate Craig Mack rapping over multiple beats. As you might imagine, Biggie drops plenty of slick rhymes.

"I went from construction Timbs to AC's with rims/Flipping mixtapes to bitches feeding me grapes/Peep my mind state, Big Poppa flow is lethal/That weed make my ass wanna kill four people/Forget the dames, gimme the range and the wain/My niggas up the pond drop top Jaguars/Blindfold you when you step in the car/That's the superstar status apparatus/More wiz than Cassius," Biggie raps.

While the Notorious B.I.G. is the star of this show, Mack is no slouch either. The first beat switch sees him really finding his groove on this freestyle.

"I stretch the funk like my name was Plastic Man/Eating MCs out the can in my hip-hop wonderland/I got the venom like the snake's got the venom, I put it in 'em/Faces turn blue than a denim/But on the down low, my name is David Banner/Flipping green on the mic cause they can't control my gamma/So stop hogging us, Mack's the erogenous/So rap full grown, see us the acrogenous/There ain't a rapper liver than the rebel/My boys don't carry treble, eat MC's like a vegetable," Mack raps.

You can listen to Biggie and Mack's entire freestyle below. Also, make sure to check out XXL's tribute hub for the 20th anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.'s death.

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