Last week, XXL caught up with comedy troupe/hip-hop trio The Lonely Island for a roundtable interview about their forthcoming LPThe Wack Album, which boasts appearances from new and old rap icons like Kendrick Lamar and Too $hort. In the interview, the guys talked about their marketing strategy for the album, in which they've released new music and videos weekly via their Wack Wednesdays series. Today, they're back with a completely ridiculous video for their equally ridiculous song "Spell It Out." In it, Andy Samberg raps a long and nonsensical phrase, letter by letter. Check it out above. 

A hint: YouTube commenter F. Taveira deciphered the letters and compiled them into this phrase: "DUDE THAT HAS SEX WITH PIGS FOR MONEY ­BUT ONLY AS A SIDE THING RIGHT NOW, I'­M JUST SHORT ON CASH AND HAVE IRONS IN­ THE FIRE BUT IN THIS ECONOMY IT'LL HA­VE TO DO MY NAME IS LENNY." So...Wack Album on the way.