R-Mean taps The Game for “Open Wounds X.” The record is dedicated to revealing the crimes committed by the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) in 1915 when they attempted to annihilate the Armenian people. R-Mean pours his soul out on the track.

"I am a victim - a victim of time/Victimized by the victory of viciousness the system revised/They say a century's passed - nothing can bring them to life/I say our memories last - at least admit to your crimes/I try to look these little kids in their eyes/As they're watching their mother's demise," R-Mean raps.

The record “Open Wounds X" is a part of R-Mean's #MeanMondays. The Game comes in and shares his pains about the crimes against humanity.

Per R-Mean's soundcloud, "Every year on April 24th, millions of Armenians and non-Armenians come together around the world on this day to remember and fight for justice, till this day 102 years later Turkish government is still denying that they committed Genocide."

Listen to “Open Wounds X" below.

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