Update 2:

Meek went in on Game with another IG post, calling him a "fake gangsta" and posting a screenshot of when Game was on the dating show Change of Heart. "AINT NO REAL LA NIGGAS STANDING BEHIND THIS FUCKERY," added Meek. See below.

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Update 1:

Meek Mill sees right through Game's tactics, referencing the fact that Game just dropped a pre-order for his new album 1992 as a convenient reason to go at Meek out of nowhere. Game quickly responded to that, pulling Nicki into the fray and telling the MMG rapper, "everybody know you the wife nigga." Read their back and forth below.

Original Story:

The Game's beef with 50 Cent started in 2005 when Game wouldn't adopt 50's many adversaries, but now that the two have made amends it seems that's changed. Around January of this year, 50 and Meek Mill traded shots and memes online and with all of MMG and G-Unit jumping into the frat, now Game has some words for Meek as well, captured in the above Instagram video.

Game was down in Miami performing a club gig when he says he wants to fight Meek straight up next time he sees him. "I just wanna beat that nigga ass for a good time," he says. "When you see me nigga, square up. It don’t gotta be about no guns, nigga. Fuck Meek Mill." It seems as if Game is speaking to someone in the crowd, and while Meek is from Philadelphia, MMG certainly has a heavy presence down south, with Rick Ross and Gunplay both hailing from Carol City.

Later on, Game hints at what may have been the origin of his ill will towards Meek, introducing a new track "I Never Heard of That," by saying, "Meek Mill not snitching on me, I never heard of that." In an Instagram post that could be interpreted as a rebuttal, Meek wrote, "We ain't rapping fan handle ya biz......... I love this shit lol."

Game as well has collaborated with Drake, so perhaps the Compton rapper is making his allegiances known. Listen to his on-stage comments below, with Meek's post a bit further down.

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