The Game is just days away from releasing his new album Streets of Compton. With the LP scheduled to drop on Friday (June 17), the Compton rapper gives fans a preview of what to expect via the track "Death Row Chain." As you might guess from the title, the song features Game looking back at the rise and fall of Death Row Records.

"Even though he was born on the East, Pac was accepted here/Especially rocking that chain with that electric chair/I set back and watched him, threw up the West side/As Suge, Pac, Snoop and Dre hit the cover of the Vibe/'96, it was on/I took a Death Row sticker then slapped it on the chrome/Riding down Rosecrans with my hand on the toast/Stuck at a light, bumping 2 of Amerikaz Most/I used to spray it on a locker, a nigga run up/I yell Death Row and sock him and I kept a gun tucked/Selling weed with my nigga Sonic/All we used to listen to was Doggystyle, All Eyez on Me and The Chronic/Then a couple Long Beach niggas changed the game/Daz and Kurupt, nigga, fuck O-Dog and Caine/But when Dr. Dre left, shit wasn't the same/And I would've did anything for that nigga Death Row chain," The Game raps on the second verse.

The track finds The Game at his best as he explores a subject that is near and dear to him. "Death Row Chain" does not just focus on the glory days of the label as he makes sure to address its demise and how that affected fans like Game. Hopefully there will be plenty of records like this on Streets of Compton.

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