The Game is continuing to send shots Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine's way. Now, he's calling the rapper out for his claims of being the King of New York and false representing the Bloods.

Saturday night (March 17), Chuck posted what appears to be a picture of 6ix when he was younger. In the photo, the New York rapper is clean cut and sans tattoos. It's far from the image the BK rhymer puts on today.

"This the bum y’all let call himself the king of New York???" Game captioned the pic. "Frank White only KING OF NY... This really the nigga running round talkin bout he been a blood his whole life ?? This really the niggas running round throwing up blood wit ??? This lil weirdo... Foh nigga.... If you don’t take that red rag off playing wit real niggas lives & get yo dick in the booty Carlton sweater around the neck wearin ass on somewhere & stop playing wit this blood shit before somebody hurt yo mamas only daughter. You a nice guy, look at that smile...cut the tuff shit out before it’s too late. Sweater tied around ya neck ALL BOYS SCHOOL head aaaahhh LOL..... we know what the 69 stand for.... you used to suck wee wee’s while gettin ya pussy licked at ya private school #nIaintgotnoalbumcomingout."

6ix caught wind of the jabs and returned fire by digging up his own dirt. Posting a snippet of the infamous episode of Change of Heart Game appeared on year's back on Instagram, he responded, "When u was 21 u was crying over a bitch. I BEEN GANGBANGIN AS A YOUNGIN. U worked out and got 'tuff' and turned blood. LOL."

Both artists continued dissing each other in follow-up posts, with Game putting up a picture of a person he thinks is 6ix on a blue bandana bed sheet and the "KeKe" rapper again claiming people are just chasing clout by bringing up his name.

Game kicked the beef off a couple days ago, when video surfaced of him at a concert urging the crowd to yell, "Fuck 6ix9ine." According to Game, he's going at the up-and-coming rapper for disrespecting his city.

Check out both rappers' posts below.

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