Over the years, Ellen DeGeneres has had some pretty iconic hip-hop moments go down on her talk show. The television host has a ceaseless connection with rappers that continues to blossom as the years roll by. After being on air for 15 years, DeGeneres has witnessed the evolution of rap and continues to support the genre at every turn.

Ellen's support of the culture has cultivated some pretty solid relationships. Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Diddy are great friends of Ellen and each time a press cycle roles around, she's one of the primary outlets that these A-Listers look to. Kanye has debuted countless videos on the talk show, most notably the controversial Kim Kardashian-assisted "Bound 2," and has even fired off a few rants alongside the daytime TV giant. Nicki Minaj's comfort with Ellen effortlessly transcends through the cameras. One of the only interviews in which Nicki spoke in-depth about her relationship with Meek Mill went down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April of 2016. Diddy has known Ellen for decades, appearing on the show over 10 times and the reigning host even participated in promo for Diddy's 29th birthday back in 1998. Ellen has been down with hip-hop for a very long time.

To reciprocate the love that Ellen has shown the culture over the years, XXL crafted up a list of some of her most memorable hip-hop moments on the show. Check it out below.

Also have a look at this rare Jay-Z interview with Ellen from back in the day, circa 2006.

  • 1

    When Kanye West Ranted About Rakim and Phife Dawg on ‘Ellen’

  • 2

    When Hillary Clinton Dabbed On 'Ellen'

  • 3

    When DJ Khaled Called Himself the Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop on 'Ellen'

  • 4

    When Ellen Was Nicki Minaj For Halloween

  • 5

    When Ellen Recreated Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"

  • 6

    When Will Smith Rapped ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Theme Song on ‘Ellen’

  • 7

    Ellen's Bernie Sanders' 'Hotline Bling' Remake

  • 8

    When Ellen Scared Drake

  • 9

    When Nicki Minaj Told Ellen She Was Single

  • 10

    When Ice Cube Taught Pick-Up Lines on 'Ellen'

  • 11

    When Ellen Gave Andre 3000 A Personalized Jumpsuit

  • 12

    When Drake and Jared Leto Played Never Have I Ever on 'Ellen'

  • 13

    When Drake Talked About Winning His First Grammy on 'Ellen'

  • 14

    When Ellen Played 5 Second Rule with Kanye West

  • 15

    When Diddy Talked About His Name Changes on 'Ellen'

  • 16

    When Kevin Hart Told Ellen The Story of How He Saved Ludacris' Life

  • 17

    When Diddy Danced on 'Ellen'

  • 18

    When Chance The Rapper, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne Performed "No Problems"

  • 19

    When Big Sean Performed "Moves"

  • 20

    When Migos Performed "Bad and Boujee"

  • 21

    When Future Performed "Incredible"

  • 22

    When 21 Savage Announced His New Campaign for Kids and Performed "Bank Account"

  • 23

    When Logic performed "Everyday"

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