The Alchemist teams up with West Coast legends MC Eiht and Spice 1 for "Any Means" as part of the producer's Craft Singles series of releases. As ALC's beat bangs in the background, MC Eiht makes his presence known with his signature "Chea" before spitting OG bars about West Coast gang bangin'. Spice 1 then hops on the track and packs a punch with his tales of gun-toting and demand for tacos. Check it above.

The Alchemist Craft Singles will be individual songs released on limited edition 45 vinyls. Each song will have 500 copies pressed up and will be sold via Alan the Chemist's website. Along with “Hoover Street,” and "Any Means", the series will also feature singles from Blu, and the Migos and Mac Miller collab “Jabroni.” Check out the vinyl release dates below.

During an interview with Hot 97, the producer explained why he decided to push these tracks as singles and the surge of popularity and interest in vinyl. "[Vinyls] take forever to make, they're always backed up at the plants for whatever reason it takes like two months to make. CDs are going away but vinyls are on the way back. It has a value, it's something you can hold and save. I'm just doing joints that I have on the side. I did a joint with Mac Miller and Migos and I'm throwing that out. I got [Spice 1 and MC Eiht] in the studio and said let's do two songs...It's really just loose joints, 500 pieces each. If you get 'em, you get 'em. If not, they're on SoundCloud for free...We have a Fuck, That's Delicious special thing that we'll probably release on vinyl as well."

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