On Oct. 22, a rap video criticizing Thailand's military government began to circulate the internet. Now, Thailand's powers that be have decided to meet the critics on their own terms and drop off a diss song.

According to the Associated Press, a Thai government-produced diss track called "Thailand 4.0," which is a response to rap group Rap Against Dictatorship's anti-Thai government video, "Prathet Ku Mee," played as Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha  addressed a business conference audience on Thursday (Nov. 1). "Thailand 4.0" is a pro-Thai government track that uses parts of the country's national anthem to make its point.

"There are many talented Thais, if we work together, we'd be stronger, stronger," reads a portion of the lyrics.

"Thailand 4.0" comes just a couple weeks after the release of "Prathet Ku Mee," the viral anti-Thai government track that ended up being viewed over 26 million times. The song and its visual accompaniment use symbolic images of violence to address the perceived hypocrisy of Thai government officials.

"The country where the panther was slain by rifle/The country that preaches moral but crime rate higher than Eiffel," raps one of the artists in the video, which includes images of controversial moments from the country's history.

See both the anti-Thailand government music video and the government's response to it for yourself below.

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