6ix9ine and The Game's beef may just be coming to a head with the Brooklyn rapper appearing to throw jabs at the Compton artist on his latest effort "Blood Walk."

The remix to Rich the Kid's breakout hit "Plug Walk" finds the rapper spitting about his loyalty to his street ties. Back in March, 6ix9ine posted a snippet of the song via Instagram at the time when TheLabCook production was initially charting. But, as of Thursday night (June 21) the full version was made available everywhere.

"I keep a red flag hangin' out my backside/Only on the right side, yeah, that's the Blood side/And I'm bangin' East-Side/Shoutout to the West-Side, but I'm bangin' Red-Stuy," Tekashi aggressively spits.

His gang affiliation aside, the record also finds 6ix9ine's manager Tr3yway appearing to unload not-so-subtle shots at The Game. During the bridge, the Compton rapper is called out for "Black Wall Street," his former record label which was no more after a falling out between it's founding members. "Damo Prende motherfuckers. This is that Black Wall Street," Tr3yway boasts. "That bad-ass motivation."

Nearly three months ago, The Game called out 6ix9ine for being a "fake-ass blood" during his 45 European Tour. The "100" rapper then led the crowd in a "Fuck 6ix9ine!" chant. So, we can only imagine how Game will respond after hearing this record.

Press play on 6ix9ine's "Blood Walk" below.

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