Nine months after dropping his Silent Waves project, Tate Kobang makes his return. Today (Nov. 27), the Baltimore representative pulls up with Tate Ko, a 15-track effort that features guest appearances from the likes of Swizz Beatz, Chaz French, Young Money Yawn and more.

A couple years ago, Swizzy was said to be producing Kobang's debut album. Now we see what finally came of their work together.

Kobang's latest effort includes production from YG! Beats, Millz Douglas, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Tee Watts, Reazy Renegade and Kobang himself. The rhymer dropped "North North (Still Hangin')," the first track for the project, a few months ago. That song, which was produced by YG! Beats and Kobang himself, finds the rapper flexing like there's no tomorrow.

"Stunting like a solider/9 millie holder/Used to sell that coca/And I ain't talking soda/Trapped on Motorola/Diamonds look like boulders," he spits on the energetic track. There's a good deal more where that came from, too.

Check out Kobang's Tate Ko for yourself below.

Tate Kobang's Tate Ko Tracklist

1. "Shouldn't Have" (prod. by YG! Beats)
2. "Don't Matter" (prod. by Tate Kobang and Millz Douglas)
3. "Ello?" Feat. Swizz Beatz
4. "Chains On" Feat. Young Money Yawn (prod. by Millz Douglas)
5. "Brand New" (prod. by Tate Kobang and Millz Douglas)
6. "North North (Still Hangin')" (prod. by Tate Kobang And YG! Beats)
7. "Ain't Scared" (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
8. "Nineteen" (prod. by Reazy Renegade)
9. "Nobody" (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
10. "Selfish Freestyle" Feat. Chaz French (prod. by Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)
11. "A Hunnid T's" Feat. West Side Goldie (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
12. "TateKoNada" feat. Deetranada (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
13. "Bdddrrr" (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
14. "Only (Freestyle)" (prod. by Tee Watts)
15. "Forgiveness" (prod. by Tate Kobang)

Tate Kobang via SoundCloud
Tate Kobang via SoundCloud

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