Baltimore rapper Tate Kobang drops his latest single "Ready," which features a guest verse from New York DJ Va$htie over production by Swizz Beatz.

"Ready" is a pretty great track and is a cut off Kobang's forthcoming mixtape, TateKo, set to drop some time this month. The new project follows up Tate's March mixtape, Silent Waves.

"I pray it's never full, never runneth over/They say karma coming back around a hundred over/So who gon' bring the heat, now that the summer's over/Me, I'm burying a hundred pistols like a hundred soldiers/I used to pray I'd get a job to make my mother proud/I said, "fuck it", I got a burner and a bunch of loud," raps Kobang.

New York-based DJ and director Va$htie is trying her hand at being a rapper. She comes in on verse three, "I thought you was ready, ’til I seen your face/Look me in my face, stop staring at my waist/'Cause you not ready, ready, ready."

Bump "Ready" below.

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