Tate Kobang has been a mainstay in the Baltimore rap scene for years, remaining as one of the more well-known names because of his ability to write a catchy song. The rapper is also never afraid to dance, as his years of videos will show you. His newest visual, "No Type" features Tate cutting a rug at a car wash.

The Maggie Rudisil-directed video starts with Tate introducing us to his comically-named car wash, while explaining that they will literally wash anything. He then starts rapping and dancing in the lot, while shots of a bikini-clad woman washing cars are mixed in. The clip ends with Tate dancing with an empty liquor bottle.

In the first verse, Tate Kobang simply shares how he's living. "You know I'm strapped up, we ain't tryn' fight/Play wit' us, you gamble with yo' life," he threatens. He then brags that he's getting money: "When she pull hunnids out my pocket I can bet that I'm gon' leave with someone bitch tonight."

The hook is straight to the point; one girl is simply not enough for him. "Don't love these bitches don't believe the hype/Bitches always on my 'Gram, ain't got no life" he raps, with just a tinge of arrogance.

"No Type" appears on Tate Kobang's April mixtape, 28, along with the song "TateKo 3:16." He also shot a pitch video for the 2018 XXL Freshman fan-voted 10th Spot.

Watch the entertaining visual for "No Type" below.

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