Considering how influential Gucci Mane has been to a generation of rappers, it is no surprise that many of them are excited that Guwop is free again. Tate Kobang is one of the many who are amped up about Gucci's return as he created an entire song about it.

"Gucci Back" sees Tate Kobang putting his spin on the Gucci Mane cut "On Deck." The track was released a few days ago and now gets the visual treatment with a Snapchat-inspired video. Tate is shown dancing in his chair and rapping along to his ode to Guwop.

"I heard Gucci back home, n---a brought the trap back/Give a stripper fifty flat but only get the pussy fat/Bought my daughter yellow diamonds/She said daddy, lemonade/Don't compare me to these local rappers, our pay ain't the same/I ain't switch up cause the fame, I just ain't moving the same/Cause I heard your favorite rapper out here telling names/Six stoves in the house, n---a everybody cooking/Bet your ass get booked and tell on everybody in the booking/Get your baby mama fucked and all them drugs you holding, took it/Fuck that n---a Donald Trump and BCPD cause they crooked/See that n---a in the club with them racks and got 'em tooken/Count the bread inside the closet in case my baby mama looking," Tate Kobang raps.

Tate Kobang has been a busy man during the first half of 2016 as he's already dropped two mixtapes. If you missed his latest one, Lord of Da Trenches, you can stream it below.

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