T-Pain is here to add to your Valentine's Day soundtrack. The talented singer proved to the world that he's got real vocal chops with his famous NPR Tiny Desk concert and does so once again with his new single "Officially Yours."

The Internz produced track is a love song that has the style of R&B's glory days. Without any Auto-Tune assistance, T-Pain hits all the notes on this smooth record. He spoke to Esquire, who premiered the song, about singing ability.

"I don't think people knew," T-Pain said. "People had already counted me out as a singer. I was like, what? Why didn't people suspect that I had a wonderful voice? They thought it was all technology. I wish we did have a machine that made songs like I could do, where you just hit a button and have songs get made. But that's not what's happening."

That's not all T-Pain's up to though as he's got his own advice column over at Noisey. A Valentine's Day edition of the column has been published. Check out a sample of T-Pain's work below.

Dear T-Pain,

I’ve been with my husband for two years. We’ve been married since May. My husband is black, and I am white. My family has issues with our marriage, and it’s to the point I want to cut them off. They want to blame it on the fact he doesn't have a job, and they say he is “street.” But I know it’s really because he is black. I'm tired of the BS. He holds his own and takes care of me. I also take care of myself. I punch that clock every day and get my eight hours. Should I love my family from a distance?

Racism Sucks

Dear RS,

I think you should definitely love them from a distance. It’s such a different world now. It bothers me sometimes to even try to fathom how people used to think when all the shit they’re thinking about mattered. It boggles my mind just to think that somebody is inferior and you don’t want your family around them. I understand that your parents would want their daughter to be with somebody that has a job and that probably isn’t black (LOL), but it shouldn’t matter. If you’re making it work, they’ve got to let you go through that.

As long as you can take care of yourself and you’re able to realize when it’s time to let the guy go if it starts hindering what you’re doing, they should trust that they raised you good enough to know that. I always tell my team, if my career gets fucked up, let me fuck it up. Let me make a bad decision. If I need your help on a higher level, after the fact that I fucked up, then that’s when you step in as parents, or as managers. But in your situation, of course, if you know that this is a great guy other than the fact that he doesn’t have a job, your parents can’t tell you shit.


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