T.I.'s wife, singer Tiny, was the victim of a robbery over the weekend.

According to a report WSBTV published on Monday morning (Oct. 7), the robbery took place while Tameka "Tiny" Harris was with a friend grabbing drinks at Bar Amalfi in Atlanta last night. After arriving in her Lamborghini at 8:45 p.m., Tiny went into the bar. She didn't realize her property was missing until she came back to her vehicle at around 11:45 p.m. XXL confirmed the theft of Tiny's jewelry with the Atlanta Police Department.

She reportedly told police that wedding rings, watches and stud earrings were among the collection of jewelry that was stolen. Tiny said the jewelry was kept inside of a blue Velour bag on top of the center console of her Lamborghini SUV. She also said that her friend went to her car to grab a deck of cards, but Tiny said that her friend had no knowledge about the jewelry. The Atlanta Police Department confirms with XXL that there was no sign of forced entry or damage to her vehicle.

The Xscape singer also told police that there were multiple people who congregated around her vehicle earlier that night. However, as of this report, there are no confirmed suspects.

Tiny, who spoke on T.I.'s beef with Kodak Black a few months ago, has yet to publicly speak on the robbery.

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