Whether or not T.I. is the sole founder of the trap music sub-genre is up for debate, but what is not arguable is Tip's position as consistently being a main player when it comes to Southern dope boy tunes. The Atlanta rapper plans to celebrate trap music and the people who contributed to it with a new art museum.

Mr. Harris shared the good news on Instagram on Friday (Sept. 21) with a trailer of sorts. The clip features softly-played classical music over images of Roman architecture and sculptures mixed with video of paintings of some of the most well known trap rappers and throwback footage of artists like Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Shawty Lo and others.

This year is the 15th anniversary of the King putting out his sophomore album Trap Muzik, which played into the timing of the exhibit. Tip opened up about the importance of the museum in the caption.

"This for US!!! All US!!!" he started. "All contributors to the culture of Trap Muzik!!! No matter who you are or how you’ve contributed...Consider this just as much yours as it is anybody’s. This is your HOME just like it’s mines...Regardless of our personal differences or discrepancies. It is what it is... Trap Muzik wouldn’t be SHIT without ALL OF US!!! So it’s all of our 15th anniversary!!! I made it a album... but WE MADE IT A GENRE!!!! This is a celebration of ALL OF OUR CONTRIBUTIONS to the CULTURE WE CALL TRAP MUZIK!!!! Coming Soon...For more information follow @trapmusicmuseum."

A location for the museum will be announced soon, according to the website.

Check out T.I.'s announcement below.

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